Welcome to the Team, Nao!

Our vision for the Weber Accetta Group is continued and steady growth over time - with the dream of curating a team of

Our Story

In case any of you were wondering how the Weber Accetta Real Estate Group came to be, we had the privilege of

Thank You Cathy!

Late December 2015 we got what we thought was quite possibly the best thing ever… an unsolicited email from someone named Cathy who wanted

Special Announcement!

Hi Everyone! I'm really excited to announce that Michelle Accetta and I have officially joined forces are now business partners of The Weber Accetta

Two closings in one week!

Congratulations to my brother, Mark, for his first home sale! His condo/townhouse sold for asking price of $589,000 and closed in less than

Congratulations to the Webers!!!

     A very special and happy congratulations to my brother and sister-in-law, Mark and Linda!!! Like most of my clients, I truly feel