This month, we are thrilled to feature two women we have had the pleasure of getting to know personally and professionally over the past several years – Peilin Ngo and Jill Hiraizumi of Hiraizumi & Ngo


After meeting while volunteering in the elder abuse clinic at the courthouse, Peilin and Jill soon realized the alignment of both their career goals and their field focus. They ultimately decided to the join forces, resulting in the founding of Hiraizumi & Ngo (or “H&N”), a boutique estate planning law firm. Peilin and Jill work tirelessly to decode the legal jargon and provide comprehensive, ongoing legal assistance to their clients. They aim to grow alongside their clients and provide legal guidance throughout all stages of life.. whether that be marriage, a real estate transaction, growing a family or planning for retirement and the last stages of life. In addition to the remarkable depth of their shared legal knowledge, these women treat their clients to personalized, respectful care and stress the importance of being proactive, rather than reactive when it comes to life planning.  Evidence of this is also seen in their commitment to supporting a number of youth and cultural awareness/preservation organizations, including Kizuna, an organization whose mission is to build a future for the community through education, empowerment, and engagement of the next generation. We are proud to know these women and to watch as they continue to better life, not just for their clients, but for our South Bay Community as a whole. Read on to hear more about the creation of H&N.. and the plans these two rockstars have for the future!

Jill & Peilin on a recent visit with My Wish List Foundation’s cancer patient, Taidus, a 2 year old boy who is battling AML, a type of leukemia.


1. When was Hiraizumi and Ngo established and how did you guys decided to join forces and start a partnership?
Hiraizumi & Ngo, or “H&N” was established in 2016. We first met while volunteering in the elder abuse clinic at the courthouse. Over time, we got to know each other and realized we were both practicing in the field of estate planning. After working alongside each other, we’ve realized a lot of our goals and interests were aligned and decided to join forces.
2. Can you tell us a little about what your services offer and who your ideal client is?
We are a boutique estate planning law firm and our ideal clients are individuals and young couples who we are able to grow alongside as they get married, purchase their first house, have children, plan for retirement, and finally, through the last stages of their lives, and everything in between.
3. What is your vision for Hiraizumi and Ngo and where do you see your business going? 
Our vision for H&N is to provide comprehensive legal guidance and assistance throughout all stages of our clients’ lives.
4. It seems like you are involved with the community, what organizations are you a part of and why?
Volunteering and giving back to the community is very important to our firm – it’s how we met! We feel strongly about supporting youth and cultural awareness/preservation organizations. That is why we are proud supporters of Nisei Week, an organization that celebrates culture and community. We also proudly support Kizuna, an organization whose mission is to build a future for the community through education, empowerment, and engagement of the next generation. And finally, we support the Legal Aid Society of Orange County, where we give back to the community by providing pro bono legal services for low income individuals.
5. What role do you see Hiraizumi and Ngo playing within the community?
We want to turn the old and stale perception of estate planning on its head. There are not a lot of estate planning firms that put such a heavy emphasis on planning for younger folks, but we feel that it is particularly important to be proactive rather than reactive when thinking about the future.
6. A common misconception of estate planning…
A misconception that we always come across is that if one sets up an estate plan, there will be zero costs of administration after death. This is not completely true. While the cost of setting up an estate plan is significantly less than going through the lengthy probate process, there are still costs to administer one’s estate. However, if properly drafted, the administration of a trust typically does not require going to court and asking a judge for permission to distribute assets. Trust administration is a far more streamlined process. For more information, please check out our website at

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While their office is located in Costa Mesa (Orange County) they are grateful to serve all of Orange, Los Angeles, and Riverside Counties

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