The surrounding community is SO important when it comes to making a house a home.  Not that you have to be overly close or best friends, but your neighbors can truly enhance your home-owning (or renting) experience!

A lot of our buyers take the proximity of the neighboring homes, as well as the overall demographic of their neighborhood into consideration when choosing a home.

One thing that may go under the radar: pets go along with owners. While you may be an exemplary neighbor, remember that your pets are neighbors as well.

We are huge dog lovers (see Lauren & Belu pictured above), but at times, we can all use a reminder that your dogs are neighbors too! Their behavior can impact your neighbors – either negatively or positively. We have put together a brief list of suggestions to guarantee that your neighbors find your dog as beloved as you do!

Keep a collar (with your contact information) on your pup! If your dog goes wondering, it saves you heartache and makes it convenient for your neighbors to contact you.

Properly train your dog. Obviously, all dogs are going to bark at some point, but investing in canine training can help teach your dog how to behave around strangers and/or other dogs. This is especially important if nearby neighbors have dogs, small children or even regular get-togethers. Not only does this improve your dog’s behavior, but it also helps to keep them less erratic and easily over-excitable.

Be mindful of excessive barking. Be conscious of how much (and how loudly) your dog is barking. Avoid disturbing your neighbors and do you best not to leave your dog outside unattended for long periods of time. If neighbors do complain about barking, then do your best to rectify the matter and remain friendly.

Clean up after your dog. Not to be crass, but all animals need to do their business and we prefer that it is done outside! Stepping in poo is never fun, but is especially not fun when you find it in your own yard.