There is nothing like kicking off the holiday season in your new home – we are ecstatic that we were able to get these two a closed escrow in time to celebrate Halloween and all the holidays to come!
We wanted to ensure that happened because right away we could tell that this couple is extremely family oriented and for them, a huge perk of owning a home is that they can host regular gatherings.  In fact, one of their concerns was that they might bother their neighbors due to all their friends’ cars parked on the street. We think they are going to win their neighbors over pretty easily though… with Kyle’s delicious cooking we heard so much about!
These two make a dynamic couple all across the board. Kylene wow-ed us by being our first ever client to show up to the close of escrow with an organized binder containing all the transaction documents.  Both maintained their enthusiasm all throughout the process, which made them a lot of fun to work with and kept us motivated as well!
Kyle and Kylene, we look forward to hearing many happy stories of times shared with family and friends in your new home! Thank you for choosing to work with us – we hope you had as good a time as we did.