With no end of inspiring South Bay residents in sight, our biggest problem is picking just one!

This month, we are honored to feature Teresa Pierre, Chair of the Redondo Union High School Classic Car Show.   Teresa’s hard work towards planning the Car Show directly benefits the students of Redondo Union High School! Teresa’s passion for the community and the car show was beyond evident when we first met with her.

Teresa’s mother was heavily involved in her schools PTA (Parent Teacher Association) which is what has inspired her to play such a large roll in the PTA and the PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) within the Redondo School district for over 13 years! Her upbringing has led her to live out her mother’s legacy of volunteering and her father’s passion for working on classic cars by creating this successful community event! Teresa’s passion for creating a sense of community is so inspiring and it’s success is obvious with the growing car show that runs year after year with this year’s being the biggest one yet!

Be sure to pencil (or pen) in this year’s Car Show and read our Q&A with Teresa below!

Event Details:

Saturday, October 14th 9am-3pm

1 Sea Hawk Way, Redondo Beach, CA 90277


Concessions Offering: BBQ burgers, hot dogs, and beverages

1. What is your involvment with the PTA? (how long, positions held, etc.)
    I have been involved with the PTA/PTSA since 2006, I held the  positions of Treasurer and Vice President of Ways & Means (Fundraising)
2. What inspired you to join the PTA and get involved in the level that you have? 
    I was inspired to join by a woman named Anita Avrick; she told me you are always on campus; we need parent support for PTA. She      was involved and I saw so many good things that PTA was doing to support the children.
3. You are very passionate about what you do! What is your favorite part about volunteering for the PTA and PTSA?
    My favorite part is seeing the results of what we did to support  the programs at the schools for the children.
4. Tell us about the upcoming car show event and what guest can expect to see and experience when they attend. 
    The upcoming car show is a collaborative effort among our PTSA volunteers coordinating the event of classic cars, participants (lots of alumni) and having lots of families in our community come out and enjoy the beautiful cars.  People can expect to see Classic cars from the 1920’s to the 1970’s; great food, entertainment from our RUHS Jazz Band, a DJ, opportunity drawings, games,vendors, giveaways, fun for the family
5. What is the purpose of the car show? 
    The purpose of the car show is to have a community event sponsored by the PTSA and welcome back the alumni who haven’t been on campus in years and our neighbors who have not seen our beautiful campus
6. What is the history of the car show? How was it originated and what has transpired since it’s first year? 
    The history of the car show was conceived at board meeting after having some fundraisers we needed a community event. The 1st year we only had 17 cars registered and 15 that showed up.  We are happy and concerned if the turnout would be the same for the following year. We decided to push forward and plan for the next year.  Our little committee consisting of myself, our Assistant Principal Anthony Bridi, Jenny Oyama, Kevin Pierre, Terri Boyle, Patricia Fujita, Heidi Alexander, Marian Claussen, Tracy Lewis and Ray Vela had faith and planned for the second year.  We had 50 cars; there were 20 that drove up the day of the show and last year we had over 60 cars.  We are planning to have this a yearly event.



To learn more about what the Redondo Union High School Classic Car Show helps fund: www.redondounion.org

   For those who have questions would like to get involved:



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