We know, we know, the moving check-list is never ending!

In the chaos of moving, it is easy for things to fall through the cracks.. Unfortunately updating your address is one of those little things that can turn into a HUGE issue. Below is a few quick reminders of the varying places you may need to update your address after a move.

Firstly, be sure to verify your new address! Double check the spelling of your street and city and verify the zip code with the post office. Next, be sure to set up mail forwarding through the post office. This is a good temporary fix for the first few weeks while you settle in. Then the real work begins..

Update billing addresses

Make a list of all the bills you receive (credit cards, cell phone, etc). You should then contact each company individually to let them know your updated address. An easy life hack is to sign up for electronic bills and have all your bills emailed to you. Not only does it save paper, but it saves time and provides an easy way to track your bill paying!

Notify your bank

In addition to changing your address with credit card companies, you should also notify your bank of your change of address. This is particularly important if you have a debit card that you regularly use to make purchases.

Update online shopping profiles

Then you’ll want to update your shipping and billing address with online retailers that you frequent (Amazon, Ebay, etc) Since many of these sites offer quick, one-click checkouts, it could be easy to forget they don’t have your current information, which could cause you a huge headache later when your Amazon Prime package is sent to your old address!

Notify magazines and other subscriptions

Do you have any regular subscriptions, such as magazines, catalogs or even the wine-of-the-month club? While the residents are your old address would surely appreciate these goodies, be sure to contact these places to update your address.

Alert friends and family

Who doesn’t love a good holiday card? Be sure to let friends and family know your new address so that they can keep you on their mailing list (and so you don’t miss out on funny family photos and well wishes)

Get a new driver’s license

You should definitely update your driver’s license to your new address. If you currently have a valid CA license and are staying in the state, you can easily do it online. If you are moving out of state, you will likely need to visit the DMV in person to acquire a new licence. Most states require that you get a new driver’s license within a certain amount of time after you move – usually 30 days.