After exploring Redondo Beach’s new listings last week and sharing some brief geography facts throughout our tour, we decided to keep the ball rolling and drop some more interesting RB knowledge!

Looking at a map of Redondo Beach, you will immediately notice that it is divided into two distinct areas, North Redondo and South Redondo. These two areas are narrowly connected near 190th and PCH.

Each area has distinct topography, North Redondo is fairly flat (Golden Hills area being the exception), whereas South Redondo is full of ocean view hillsides. Another notable difference between the areas is the proximity to the beach: North Redondo does not touch the beach, as it is separated from the coast by by Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach, while South Redondo sits oceanfront.

These distinct differences directly influence the property types and price points found in each area. North Redondo is characterized by mainly 7,500SqFt lots filled with townhomes, apartment buildings or single family homes. The Golden Hills is characterized by the well-known “tall and skinny” single family homes that sit on 25 foot wide lots. In general, North Redondo is a little less expensive and also has better freeway access – a huge plus for those commuting into LA!

                            Classic example of a North Redondo Tall & Skinny!

South Redondo has townhomes, but also boasts more spacious single family homes along “the Avenues” (Avenue A through H) and the “lady streets” that run North to South boarding the ocean. A plethora of condominium buildings, which frequent Catalina and the Esplanade and sprinkled throughout the rest of south redondo. The ocean views and closer proximity to the beach are direct contributors to the more expensive home prices in the South Redondo.

                                                        Beach-front Esplanade Living!

Despite their differences in topography, ocean proximity, property types and street names, both South and North Redondo boast excellent schools, restaurants, shopping and strong resale values! While most of South Redondo is within walking or biking distance to King Harbor and the Riviera Village, these amenities are easily accessible by car from North Redondo.

Redondo Beach’s 14 neighborhood parks are spread throughout the district. One of the most well-visited is Aviation ion Park, which is located in North Redondo and is also the site of the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center – a 1,457 seat theater! Other popular parks include Alta Vista Park and the Wilderness Park, both of which are in South Redondo.

Something we have always found interesting in the methodical street names found through RB! This brief rundown on Redondo’s street names is  provided courtesy of Redondo Beach Historical Society:

Early Redondo developers, Ainsworth & Thompson, laid out the streets and named them.  The North-South streets were given Spanish women’s names such as Lucia, Juanita, etc (many were named for the descendants of Manual Dominguez, original landholder).  The East-West streets were named for gemstones (Emerald, Pearl, etc)  primarily due to the popularity of Moonstone Beach,

In addition, in the Clifton area (south of Knob Hill Av), the east-west streets have letter names (A, B, C, & D).

The lower part of North Redondo was developed by W. H. Carlson and George Peck, beginning in 1906, under the name Redondo Villa Tract, an area bounded by (today’s names) Artesia, Ripley, Slauson, and Prospect. In 1907, another tract, Redondo Villa Tract B, was added, bounded by Artesia, Manhattan Beach Blvd, Vail, and Aviation. To give an aura of prosperity, many streets are named for American tycoons (“captains of industry”) of the time. For example, Carnegie Lane was named for Andrew Carnegie, a prominent name in the steel industry. Perhaps only two were real scoundrels: Fisk and Gould; they wrecked the Erie RR.

All things considered, whether you are house-hunting or currently living in Redondo Beach, the entire area is an incredible place to live. Each area obviously has it’s perks and accompanying vices, but as a whole Redondo is an amazing community and an ideal place to raise a family.