Moving homes is one of the most exciting transitions for an a individual or family, but it also has the potential to simultaneously be one of the most stressful experiences. After watching dozens of our friends and clients go through the moving process, we have put together our “life hack” proposal to help ensure a smooth move!

First and foremost: preparation is essential! During the packing process, load up a few designated (and clearly labeled!) “essential boxes”. While the exact contents will vary based on your family’s needs, we put together the following recommendations for the contents of the essential boxes:

Clean bedding for each family member

Basic bathroom supplies (soap, toothbrushes/toothpaste, toilet paper, etc)

Basic kitchen supplies (cutlery, dish settings for each family member, cups, COFFEE MAKER, etc)

Standard cleaning supplies (windex, wipes, etc)

Additionally, each family member should have a separate overnight or weekend bag stocked with a few days’ worth of clean clothing. Set these boxes & bags aside and ensure that they are the last things loaded into your moving truck or even take them directly into the car with you. Knowing exactly where your fresh sheets or toothpaste is can make those first few nights less hectic and keep you feeling organized and clean!

While we do suggest tackling unpacking one room at time, the first priority should be getting beds set up for each family member. Nothing makes you (or your kids) feel more at home than having an established and comfortable place to sleep. It also helps you to feel more adjusted and comfortable in your new space, allowing you additional time to adjust while you unpack the rest of the house.

Another priority is getting at least one bathroom set up. Your bathroom kit essential box should contain soap, toilet paper, etc helps to ensure that you have one bath room up and running ASAP!

The kitchen area is another space that should be tackled within the first day or so. After good sleep, proper nutrition is a necessity during the moving process. Your prepared kitchen essential box coupled with a grocery run for staples is good way to ensure that your family stays fed and watered through all the chaos!

Once these spaces are assembled and functional, you can move into perfecting the rest of the home at a more leisurely pace as you won’t be hurting for the essentials!

Another tip we suggest is pacing yourself. Take breaks – get out and explore your new neighborhood! Whether you are within walking or biking distance of a park, beach or restaurants, make sure to take advantage of your surroundings. Welcome home!!