Our vision for the Weber Accetta Group is continued and steady growth over time – with the dream of curating a team of enthusiastic professionals to allow us to expand and further develop our business. With this goal in mind, we are thrilled to welcome Nao Morgan to the team! Nao will be joining us as our assistant and transaction coordinator.

If you happen to follow our Weekly Broker’s Tour adventures, then you got a short glimpse of Nao last week – we give her huge props for her willingness to join in the videoing (without advance warning!)

Reliable as she is kind, we are excited to be a part of Nao’s first venture into the world of real estate. While we have only had her on board for a few weeks, we already see big things for her real estate career! Nao is eager to learn, incredibly organized and takes on all new tasks and challenges with no hesitation.

With years of experience in event coordination and customer service, Nao is perfectly prepared to work directly with clients, as well as tackle the work-load that happens “behind the scenes” in the life of a realtor.

In her own words:

“I come from a background working with ESL children and their parents who move to the U.S.  Helping them settle and find a place in the community here was a part of my responsibility, and similar pressures and needs apply to the field of Real Estate.  The level of trust built throughout the process of buying a house, and the resulting sense of accomplishment are the reasons I chose to pursue this career.  Being able to contribute to a decision so important is a truly rewarding experience, and even more rewarding is helping someone find the place in a community that they envision for themselves.”

Nao, we could not be more honored to have you as part of the Weber Accetta Group – we already see the value you bring to the team.. and we cannot wait to see you advance in your career!